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Americanstar Dylan Mattress in a Modern Bedroom

The Americanstar Group is a leading global mattress manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience designing and producing high-quality products to meet the specific needs of its retailers, distributors, and consumers in more than 30 countries across the world. The company opened its U.S. operations under the name Americanstar USA in 2014 with its headquarters in Houston, TX. Today, Americanstar USA operates three distribution and manufacturing facilities in Dallas, Houston, and Los Angeles where it produces mattresses under the Americanstar brand.


The company’s mission is to bring its motto of “Beyond Expectation®” to life across all business touchpoints from manufacturing to retail through the most innovative products and exceptional service. With every employee dedicated to this mission, the Americanstar Group has built an impeccable reputation for creating products that drive profit for its retailers and distributors through luxury design at value-driven prices.


The Americanstar Group is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of many world-class mattress brands across the globe and an OEM partner to large international retail and wholesale brands. With its vertically-integrated production, flexible minimum order quantities, short lead times, and on-time delivery model, the company is able to offer high-quality and reliable service to its partners. Additionally, the company’s rich history of international production allows it to bring a fresh perspective to the American  marketplace with a focus on creating exceptionally-crafted products that are extremely competitive at mid-range price points.


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